High Resolution Cameras

We Specialize in Camera Systems that are high resolution and provide you with data to hold individuals accountable for the damage or crimes they commit while on your property as well as give you remote access to keep on eye while your away.

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Keypad Entry

We offer solutions for employee time sheet tracking, area protection, biometric entry, inventory control and keycard management for facilities.


Where are your pennies slippping?

Every Business experiences loss.  The most common areas are employee theft, vandalism and damage to property.  When deciding what product to recommend we think about where you are losing first and make our recommendations based on where you can get the most bang for your buck!

What is an LPR?

LPR Stands for License Plate Recognition.  Simply put this camera is designed to see license plates at high speeds and then has an internal computer that exports that data to an excel spreadsheet and with the right software links to police databases to warn occupants of vehicles with warrants or criminal histories.

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